Projects that I would like to work on if only I could find the time. Time is short. If you are interested in seeing any of these projects moving forward please let me know here.

Scripted Refactoring

Clang MapReduce – Automatic C++ Refactoring at Google Scale

Google have lead the way in scripting refactoring to support their very large codebases. There is a fascinating talk on how they developed a map-reduce reduce system that refactored codebases using semantic predicate selectors. I have a working prototype with the idea that library builders could publish upgrade migrations with their library upgrades.

iA Writer for technical authors

iA Writer

When writing I really like having a distraction free screen. This project would be about creating an editor for the asciidoctor toolchain that would allow for more complete technical work with various diagramming tools.

Context editor

The last few years has seen some innovation in the editor space. When programming with object oriented languages I find myself switching contexts and views onto different files. Quite often switching between test/implementation and library.

This project is about creating an editing surface that maps these dependencies onto a single surface for interaction.

Context editor idea

Full Image

IT analytics —


IT organizations have very few metrics to drive change Kuona is a tool that allows the collection, analysis and presentation (washboarding) of data from the systems that development teams use (requirements management, CI tools, version control). The hypothesis is that there is insight to be gained by pooling and analyzing such data. This ELK for dev organizations.

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